Oahu CPR and First Aid Certifications

CPR Classes Taught Here

The Owner


Elise Lin started her career in government services.  She later transitioned to logistics management focusing on international brokering. 

The Instructor


Caleb Lin started his career in medical services as certified Emergency Medical Technician in West Orange, New Jersey at the age of 16.  He has responded to numerous medical and trauma 911 emergency scenes in the northern NJ area.  During his college years, he worked for Rutgers Emergency Services and responded in the New Brunswick area.  Caleb went on to acquire his Licensed Training Provider Instructor certifications as a way to share and inspire knowledge in those that wanted to acquire life-saving skills and act to save loved ones.   Caleb has a combined 8 years of emergency medical experience and 6 years instructing for the American Red Cross.

"My first 911 call as an EMT happened when I was 16 years old.  My senior partner, Al and I responded to the home of a mother who's 1 y/o son had stopped breathing.  I was nervous as my partner told me he needed to drive since I didn't know my way to the nearest hospital yet.  He handed me the bag-valve mask and told me to keep helping him breathe.  It took 15 minutes to get to the hospital - by then I was exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed.  While we were cleaning up the ambulance outside the ER, the mother came out, gave us each a hug and told us her son was stable.  I'll never forget the sense of purpose and accomplishment I felt to this day." Now offering CPR in Honolulu - CPR Classes and BLS Certification